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The Grey Area of Consulting; Where Nothing is Black and White

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Like many professions, consultants need to deal with the grey area of consulting. Consulting encompasses a broad coverage of subjects. There is no existing set of rules on dealing with clients. Each client has a different set of needs and will require a customized solution.

Like the Consultant’s Consultant, Andrew Pek knows too well the grey area of consulting. Andrew is an internationally recognized authority when talking about innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. He is also the founder of Consulting Unplugged. “Consulting is a dynamic industry and ever changing.. As a consultant and advisor, it is essential to sharpen the saw,” Andrew said.

The Trend Andrew said that the world has gone through and will continue to go through disruption and change. Hence more than ever, there is a rising demand for skilled advisors, change agents, and facilitators to help their clients solve their vexing challenges by coming up with new solutions that will deliver positive and meaningful impact. That is why Andrew developed the online consulting course, Consulting Unplugged.

Andrew consolidates in one program the strategies, tools, and tricks of the trade. The program is both a course and a blueprint that aims to help those starting their consulting career or those with initial experience and ready to level up to achieve greater commercial and personal success along the way. “The program tries not to be overly technical and formulaic. It is unplugged because it is based in real world successes, failures and experiences. But at the end of the program, you will be more consistent in the results you achieve and keep up with the demands of client work,” Andrew continued.

Andrew shared he aims to build the next generation of advisors and change agents’ power skills to achieve a more significant and more positive impact on their clients..

Shedding Light On Consulting What is consulting? The dictionary defines it as giving expert advice about a particular subject. But for Andrew, consulting is more of delivering impact than just giving expert advice. “I defined consulting as the conscious and disciplined process of giving and delivering advice to positively and meaningful impact clients and their situation,” Andrew said. In other words, consoling is all about being conscious, disciplined, positive, and meaningful.

For consciousness, Andrew explained that a consultant needs to be aware of themselves and, most importantly, they are knowledgeable and understand their clients’ needs, situations, or challenges. “You do this by tuning into the challenges, hopes, and dreams of your clients. I do not think you could help your client if you have a deep understanding about them,” Andrew added.

Disciplined is also essential in consulting. As a proverb says, practice makes perfect. Andrew noted that consulting is about honing the skills of a consultant. “You should apply structure, methods, and tradecraft to give advice that ensures consistency of results. You can only have the consistency of results if you have become proficient in this craft. And proficiency comes with continuously developing your skills and learning something new,” he continued.

Consultants are motivators of change in an organization. “You provide insight and will inspire action and results that come in many different forms such as commercial benefits, innovations, new products, and services or experiences for their customers and potential benefits for your client’s career or professional goals,” Andrew pointed out. Therefore, providing a positive and meaningful impact on clients and their situation is crucial to any consultant.

The Learning Process Andrew said that Consulting Unplugged offers a unique learning experience. The program is a mixture of videos and audio podcasts that can help a positive edge that will make their clients stand out from the competition.

“You should think of the program as a story that is unfolding. It is akin to reading or watching a story which consists of a beginning, middle and end with a mix of a little mystery. We decided to veer away from the common textbook approach, which I view, as overly technical and formulaic,” Andrew explained.

Andrew’s called the program unplugged because they filmed it all in one take, which is something remarkable. “We want you to complete the program with confidence, be light on your feet and not swim in a puddle of sweat thinking that you have to be completely accurate or precise,” he continued.

The videos provided in the program can stimulate the thinking of consultants and advisors who want to up their consulting game. Meanwhile, the audio series which they called Listen When are designed to reinforce learning and internalize the riffs. It allows their clients to compose their personal notes on what consulting means and how they can become an unplugged consultant and Master of Impact.

The course provides six course modules with 31 video lessons and six exclusive Listen When audio series.

An Invitation

Andrew is inviting fellow consultants and advisors to learn the fundamentals to become an unplugged consultant professional. Andrew added that Consulting Unplugged would sharpen their saw and acquire new knowledge to build relationships with their clients and deliver positive and meaningful impact.

“It will enhance your skills and develop a positive edge that will no doubt help you stand apart from your competition and be more impactful in your consulting approaches,” Andrew explained.

Learn how to become an unplugged consultant and trusted advisor with Andrew Pek, the Consultant’s Consultant, by visiting


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