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Street2Ivy Honored in Forbes Magazine's Next 1000

Andrew Pek and Tavares Brewington's work with Street2Ivy gets recognized by Forbes.

Based in Boston, Street2Ivy is a brand focused on enabling economic empowerment in underserved communities. Recently, Street2Ivy, and Founder Tavares Brewington have been honored as one of Forbes Magazine's Next 1000. The inaugural 2021 list celebrates small business owners across the country on the road to success. Review the Next 1000 list here, and see Street2Ivy and Tavares Brewington's Forbes feature here.

About Street2Ivy: Street2Ivy's goal is to enable economic empowerment in underserved communities. They believe that entrepreneurship is an effective way to uplift communities and combat the income and wealth disparities that plague many communities today. Through Street2Ivy's Youth Programs and Online Academy, they provide aspiring change-makers with access to information, mentorship, and tools to create and market innovative solutions to the problems that they see in their communities and beyond.

In addition to inspiring the next generation of business leaders, Street2Ivy partners with entrepreneurs who want their businesses to play an integral role in making communities better. Street2Ivy's partners understand that it's possible for their business to be both profitable and positively impact the communities in which they operate.

E-commerce Platform: Street2Ivy utilizes an e-commerce platform to promote partners' products, services, and provide socially-conscious consumers with the opportunity to support them. Currently, students, partners, and supporters of Street2Ivy can enroll in the Street2Ivy's Online Academy, celebrate real-life success stories in Street2Ivy's Elevate Magazine, and shop the e-commerce store to support Street2Ivy's programs and services.

Street2Ivy's Online Academy offers students an opportunity to enroll in 'Entrepreneurs & Innovators Unplugged.' The course includes videos, audio podcasts, workbooks, individual and team assignments proctored by Andrew Pek. Pek is an internationally recognized executive advisor, entrepreneur, and best-selling author in creativity, innovation, and design thinking. He has coached and educated thousands of students, professionals, and top executives worldwide on how to start-up, grow and transform their business. Click the link to Learn more about Street2Ivy's Online Academy: Entrepreneurs & Innovators Unplugged with Andrew Pek

Street2Ivy's Elevate Magazine shares the stories of business professionals, artists, and other creatives that think outside the box to make positive change happen in their communities. Their stories and work inspire both students and partners to join their mission to empower communities through entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. Click the link to Request a Free Download of Elevate Magazine.

Visit Street2Ivy to learn more about their life-changing programs and services. Find them on social media, and reach out to direct with media inquiries, or to schedule a partner call with Street2Ivy Founder, Tavares Brewington.


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