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Mid To Large Firms Hire Andrew Pek When They Want To Grow X%

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Every firm wants to achieve consistent growth in its business. It is a common aspiration across industries. Innovation, strategy, and design thinking are among the ingredients that can drive business growth. However, sometimes, business leaders are too emotionally invested in the business to no longer see areas for improvements. At this point, mid-sized and large firms need a fresh pair of eyes to examine a specific aspect of the organization.

When medium to large firms need a fresh pair of eyes, they frequently turn to consultants and advisors. Hiring a consultant can provide the company the expertise required to get the organization on the right track. As the Consultant’s Consultant, Andrew Pek explained that consultants and

advisors could assist medium and large firms to enhance business performance and organizational change that are crucial in achieving success.

As a seasoned consultant, Andrew is too familiar with the nitty-gritty of providing consulting services to medium-sized and large firms. Over the years, he has made a significant contribution in guiding many companies in their innovation journey to achieve breakthrough success. Hence, Andrew has been the top choice of mid to large firms from various industries for their consulting services needs. He is the founder of the online consulting course Consulting Unplugged and the CEO of DxD Partners.

Why Mid To Large Firms Tap The Consultant’s Consultant?

Andrew grew up in a family that promotes a strong work ethos – nothing is given; everything is earned. It has been one of his core values that helped him propel to become a premier advisor.

Globally, Andrew is the leading ‘power skills’ advisor to entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers. Andrew can leverage his years of experience in creativity, design thinking, and innovation to attain sustainable business results. His expertise cut across various industries, such as life sciences, consumer goods, banking, and manufacturing.

From startup to large companies, Andrew has helped organizations in achieving their growth and innovation agenda. One client described Andrew as the substance and catalyst behind their innovation journey, while another one said that he helped the company make innovation a habit.

Throughout the years, Andrew has worked with and advised over 5,000 top global leaders across multiple industries to help them become more innovative and adaptive to change and thousands of more consultants seeking to become more influential and impactful in guiding clients.

Andrew is the current CEO of DxD Partners, a company committed to transforming leaders and organizations to a more innovative, engaged, and professionally or commercially successful state. He is also the founder of Consulting Unplugged. It is an online consulting course dedicated to building the power skills of the next generation of advisors and change agents to achieve a more significant and more positive impact on their clients.

Furthermore, Andrew is both an award-winning author and a podcaster. He co-authored the best-selling book, “Stimulated: Habits To Spark Your Creative Genius At Work,” in 2008, which won the Print Industries’ America’s Benny Award for the jacket design. He is also hosting a podcast and educational platform called Consulting Unplugged. It is an unfiltered, tell-it-like-it-is podcast that showcases interviews with top entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers.

Andrew’s Focus In Consulting

Andrew said that providing consulting services for mid to large firms deals with building deep connections and delivering real impact. “Medium-sized and large firms are organizations that involve complex systems and structures that are constantly moving. However, the problem is these systems and structures are often not always well coordinated or orchestrated, causing inefficiency, conflict, and confusion among organization members with varying degrees of knowledge, skills, and motivation to perform what is required,” he explained.

Andrew added that as a consultant, he is helping mid to large firms to effectively manage the center of the board by considering the best ways to develop the formal hierarchies and processes in relationship with the informal cultures and more loosely defined processes that spark growth and innovation.

“My team and I successfully helped thousands of top global leaders belonging to various industries to become more innovative by focusing on, for me, the true definition of consulting,” Andrew said. He viewed consulting as the conscious and disciplined process of giving and delivering advice with the intention of providing a positive and meaningful impact on clients and their situation. “Whenever I provide consulting services, I focus on three crucial aspects of consulting – conscious, disciplined, and positive and meaningful,” he shared.

  • Conscious

“Consultants need to be more aware of themselves and how their thoughts influence their actions. Simultaneously, they need to understand their clients’ needs, situations, or challenges,” Andrew explained. He continued that a consultant should remain to tune in with the client’s challenges, hopes, and dreams. He added that clients only care about your expertise and help them solve their challenges and actualize their dreams.

  • Disciplined

Andrew said that the phrase practice makes perfect summed up this aspect of consulting. “As consultants, we should apply structure, methods, and tradecraft to help our clients achieve results,” Andrew explained. He emphasized that results are the main reason why mid to large firms will hire a consultant.

  • Positive and meaningful

“We are motivators of change in an organization,” Andrew remarked. He explained that the expected outcome of any consulting effort is providing a positive and meaningful impact on the clients and their situation. “You provide insight and will inspire action and results that come in many different forms such as commercial benefits, innovations, new products, and services or experiences for their customers, and potential benefits for your client’s career or professional goals,” he added.

An Invitation

Andrew is inviting medium-sized and large firms to start their innovation journey with his team. Andrew’s team consists of individuals from various backgrounds from across the world. He said that they devote themselves to help clients unlock their innovation potentials, transform into better innovators, and become more customer-centric.

“If they found themselves stuck and unable to solve their problems effectively, keep pace with innovation, or stay engaged effectively. We could help you transform your firm through various fun, proven, and practical methods, tools, and experiences. It can stimulate new thoughts and build creative confidence that will generate a positive, lasting change to your organization,” Andrew said. His team provides inspiring educational programs, sage guidance, and human-centered tools that are effective, easy to use to attain results.

Start your journey to innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship with Andrew Pek, the Consultant’s Consultant, by visiting or

Photo by Dyana Van Campen


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