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How To Ignite Your Creativity At Work

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There is much debate and sometimes confusion about what innovation is truly and whether or not it is possible to cultivate it regularly. Making innovation a habit is a disciplined process that combines creative and critical thinking. It is not just the responsibility of one department but all departments and employees in any given organization.

Professional Highlights

I am a consultant of executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, helping them agile organizational innovations. I offer consulting services on design thinking, innovations, and change management. Besides, I am a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of DxD Partners. I have worked with over 5,000 leaders and top executives to make innovation a habit.

I realized the need for creativity to impact the economy and decided to create a consultancy and train executives and entrepreneurs on developing business strategies to create an innovative environment. I also host a podcast called Consulting Unplugged, an educational program that features real-world conversations and a behind-the-scenes look at top advisors, executives, entrepreneurs guiding and growing, and innovating in their organization. I am also a Best-Selling author of the book “Stimulated: Habits To Spark Your Creative Genius At Work.”

How to Ignite Creativity at Work

Through my book, Stimulated, you will get fun, playful, enriching, mind-expanding, and, most importantly, a step-by-step process for getting unstuck. You will know to draw inspiration and fresh insights from the world around you and how to take the leap of faith and commit to big, bold ideas. Here is a snippet.

  • Scouting

Scouting is similar to brainstorming or polite probing, where everyone in an organization, all stakeholders, is invited to speak freely. In my book, Stimulated! Habits that spark creativity at work, I and my co-author, explain scouting with an ‘Imbizo’ story. It narrates a weekly gathering where everyone, including the shopkeeper, is invited to contribute to creative business challenges. They ask for new ideas of how to grow their customers and business. In the gathering, they have no ground rules other than to take in stimuli.

  • Cultivating

Cultivating requires you to identify the spaces that work for you the most. It would help if you found a suitable place that balances your need for concentration versus high energy. In my book, I explain how to find an appropriate environment for you. An example is if you require meditation, a quiet place would be suitable. If you need to encourage people to play, a noisier location would be convenient. This setup urges you to weave creative conditions in what you do.

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  • Playing

This third habit represents a childlike state that helps you feel at ease while experimenting with your ideas and maintaining a curiosity state to spark creativity. In my book, I speak of how applying your creativity to generate big ideas can be very influential. You can get results if you inject play into the process to spark creative ideas and action. In-play mode, people freely express themselves.

  • Venturing

Venturing is where you need to take the leap of faith and put your idea into action. It can be scary, but it is through venturing that you develop a nerve and decide whether to pursue it or not. In this stage, you are giving yourself a fighting chance to clear a path, rejoice in the experience of awakening your creative genius.

  • Harvesting

This final step is about results. It is the effects of scouting, cultivating, playing, and venturing. Additionally, it is a crucial step as you can make an impact at work. Finally, it is an outstanding achievement.


Creativity is essential in coming up with innovative structures that will make your firm stay on top of the competition. It is thrilling to get to work and have this energy that brings about productivity. The steps mentioned above will help you spark that creativity. You can connect with me by:


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