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Andrew Pek Has Worked With The Top Firms, Consultants In The World. Learn How

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The multi-billion-dollar consulting industry continues to grow as many businesses want to integrate the habit of innovation in their business. The recent health crisis has pushed many companies to enhance their organizational performance. Since most business leaders are too emotionally attached to their organization, they unintentionally fail to see the areas that need improvement.

In these situations, most businesses will turn to consultants to have a fresh pair of eyes. The hiring of consultants and advisors provides companies the opportunity to see their organization from a different perspective. It also allows them to discover specific areas wherein they can make some enhancements. They frequently turn to consultants and advisors.

As a seasoned consultant, Andrew Pek knows the intricate details and vital aspects of consulting services to top firms and fellow consultants. Otherwise known as the Consultant’s Consultant, Andrew has an impressive track record in helping thousands of companies and consultants attain breakthrough success. As a result, Andrew has been the primary choice of companies and consultants to fulfill their consulting needs.

Andrew’s Way Of Consulting

Andrew has been in the consulting business for many years. He is instrumental in helping many entrepreneurs and organizations to incorporate innovation in their business model. “I have worked with thousands of top global leaders across multiple industries and guided them to become more innovative and adaptive to change,” he said.

Back with years of experience in creativity, design thinking, and innovation, numerous entrepreneurs and consultants seek Andrew’s advice to enhance their organizations and skills. What sets him apart from the competition is his impact mindset. He explained that consulting all boils down to delivering positive and meaningful impact, which has been at the core of his consulting strategy.

“Over time, I have developed my personal definition of consulting. I view it as a conscious and disciplined process of delivering meaningful impact on my clients and their situation,” Andrew noted. Organizations perceive consultants as the change agents who can help them shape their strategy and drive innovation that leads to better results. He added that impact is deep sustaining client relationships—one way of having a good relationship with the clients I by building deep connections.

“You develop deep connections with your clients by listening with the intent to understand, not to be understood. It is an old principle that is very applicable for consultants.” You will have a better understanding of your clients and their situations through listening. And it will lead to another important principle, putting yourself in their shoes,” Andrew said. He shared a lesson that he learned over the years, “clients do not care how much the consultant knows unless they know the consultant cares.”

Be The Change You Want To See

As CEO of DxD Partners and the founder of Consulting Unplugged, Andrew is not only teaching how to deliver with impact to clients. He is practicing what he preaches. One client said that he brought boundless energy, insight, and practical ways to the company’s growth and innovation agenda.

Andrew shared a success story of one of their clients. His team helped Pfizer Consumer Healthcare improve and diversify the pipeline of new products through aggressive growth strategies and innovation. What did Andrew’s team do? They developed and implemented a comprehensive global strategy and innovation platform that extended beyond products and focused on new business models, service, delivery, and customer experiences. “We built and skilled up a comprehensive innovation champion network for the company and developed a robust innovation and portfolio management process,” he added.

As a result, the client becomes the leading pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company globally with double-digit growth. It also successfully established a comprehensive and integrated network of champions committed to making innovation a habit. A top official of the company remarked that Andrew helped them build a global network of innovation champions that made innovation practice and doubled their business growth.

Andrew is also well-known to help companies innovate and become more adapted to the highly digitalized business landscape. An excellent example is how Andrew guided the financial company BNP Paribas to become a more agile, innovative, and digitally savvy global bank. Andrew also assisted the financial company to overcome industry disruptions and improve customer advocacy using digital transformation. Andrew and his team threw themselves into action by designing an innovative strategic organization transformation process that included a variety of applied design thinking, visualization, and prototyping methods.

Due to Andrew’s approach, the bank successfully generated and implemented more than 50 new solutions in a span of nine months that improved digital solutions, strengthened customer advocacy, and built a more engaging talent management system designed to improve retention, knowledge sharing and performance.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and BNP Paribas are among the many success stories brought by Andrew’s approach to delivering real impact to clients.

Start Your Journey

Andrew devoted his skills and knowledge to becoming the Unplugged Consultant and the Master of Impact. He is inviting entrepreneurs and companies who want to become more innovative. His team has the tool, knowledge, and mindset to transform their business and leave a lasting change to their clients. He has helped businesses from start-ups to well-established companies in their innovation journey throughout the years.

It is your time to start your own journey to innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. That journey begins now by visiting or for more details.


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